Meditation is not just to Calm the F down. Meditation can energize your mind and body. Check this out:

Sit upright on a chair with your eyes open and your back straight. Feet are planted firmly on the ground. Close your eyes and bring awareness to your body.

INHALE and bring energy, strength and vitality into your bodY.

EXHALE any stress, negative thinking and fatigue and feel it slide off your body and let that sh*t GO.

VISUALIZE a bright pulsating orange pulsating and vibrating through your body. Feel these energy pulses start at the top of your head and moves down your shoulders, arms, fingers, belly, lower back, legs and feet.

BREATHE normally. FEEL a warmness starting at the top of your head and moving down your shoulders, arms, fingers, belly, lower back, legs and feet.

BREATHE normally. FEEL a deep love in your heart. Allow this loving feeling to spread throughout your whole body.



I love playing with my baby girl Selena. However, sometimes I get tired from running up and down the stairs holding her or throwing her up in the air. I feel a little shortness of breath and just need a couple minutes to catch my breathe and slow my heartbeat. Here’s a quickie meditation to breathe easy:

INHALE 4 seconds
HOLD 4 seconds
EXHALE 6 seconds
-Repeat x4


Pick 2 words that you have a positive association with. I like the words “CALM” and “PEACE.” As I inhale I think of the word “CALM” and as I exhale I think of the word “PEACE.” Repeat x5 or as many times as you’d like!


This is my absolute favorite meditation! Sit up or lie down w/ your back straight. Close your eyes and take one deep breathe. Picture someone you LOVE and think

May you be happy

May you be safe

May you be loved

May you be healthy

Inhale / Exhale

Repeat x5


Sit up tall w/ your back straight and plant your feet firmly on the ground

Place one hand on your belly and one hand on your chest

INHALE 1,2,3,4 expanding your belly

HOLD your breath 1,2

EXHALE 1,2,3,4,5,6

HOLD your breathe 1, 2



Grounding yourself is another meditation to calm down and is best done outside. Also, take off your socks and shoes–feel the ground. Here we go:

Stand tall with your back upright and your shoulders relaxed. Wiggle your toes and plant your feet firmly in the grass.

Take a deep breathe in through your nose and exhale loudly through your mouth.

Close your eyes.

As you breathe naturally shift your focus to your feet and how they feel on the ground.

Do a body scan from your toes to your top of your head, focusing briefly on each body part

Inhale and exhale through your nose x10

Open your eyes and look at nature.