Why Start a Self-Care Blog?

     I’ve been asked “what’s the point of your blog?”  So, I thought my first blog post should respond to this often-asked question.  When I hear “self-care” I think of an out-of-touch privileged lady with too much time on her hands. However, that’s not my M.O.

     I’m not “normal” (who is right?).  I didn’t learn basic self-care skills until I was in my 30s.  I spent my youth neglecting my teeth, hair, nails, skin and gut.  I wasn’t a total heathen.  I brushed my teeth, but the dentist didn’t see me for many moons.  My sleep habits were atrocious and I fueled myself with unhealthy foods.  I focused all my energy and spirit into academics and then my career.  Nothing else mattered. 

     Hard work does pay off kids! I got everything I wanted in life and I HATED IT ALL.  I worked as a lawyer in a swanky Beverly Hills office. Every day I locked the door, hid under my desk and cried.  I thought my life was normal because it looked so pretty.  Until life turned ugly and my body shut down.  I had insomnia, anxiety and crippling chronic back pain which left me bed-ridden.  The doctors couldn’t fix me. I was devastated.
     I decided to fix myself.  I quit my fancy job, said goodbye to toxic people and set some boundaries for healthy living.  I underwent two years of physical therapy to heal my body.  Y’all it was a struggle; but I learned so much about self-care.

     Fast forward… 7 years later and my life is so happy.  Best of all, I’m a mommy!  With all my struggles, I never thought I could be a mom. Having a healthy family is a miracle.  I created this blog to share my experiences and the positive impact of self-care strategies.

Let’s learn together,